Our Custom Pool Building Process

Working with Austin’s pool building experts

Choosing the right pool builders can be a daunting process. Rest assured that your dream pool is only one company away when you choose Cutters Pools. Our trusted team is highly specialized in the custom pool building process – from initial consultation, to design and planning, estimating, permitting, construction, and post-build maintenance education, Cutters Pools has your back.

Our values of integrity, honesty, and respect also guide us to treat your property as if it’s our own from the moment we set foot onto it for the initial consultation and walkthrough.


Ready to design your dream pool?


Cutters Pools’ team of professionals will come to you directly for an on-site meeting and walkthrough. During this time, we will discuss project plans, provide a 3D rendering of your swimming pool, and present a detailed installation estimate.


Once this design is approved, Cutters will create a step-by-step construction plan and move into the permitting process.


As custom pool building professionals, we are able to take care of the permitting process for you – we submit pool design and construction drawings to the city for approval.
This process may take anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on a variety of factors.


During the layout phase, a trusted third-party inspector will submit APSP 7 and APSP 15 forms to the city. The approval of these forms allows our team to begin marking the dig lines on your property.


These dig lines often make the project “real”, allowing you to visualize the new pool and make any last-minute changes to its size or location before we begin the excavation phase.

Excavation & Forms

We’re ready to start building!


Heavy equipment is safely brought onto your property to dig out your custom pool to the exact dimensions you have specified. We also set our forms to ensure that we get to the perfect level during this phase.

Rebar, Electrical & Plumbing

To complete the form and provide optimal structural integrity, Cutters uses custom-selected rebar.


Next, we install the electrical and plumbing to adhere to city and state codes. To confirm proper installation, we test the system.


The pool shell is created using high-pressure gunite. To allow the gunite to cure and reach maximum strength, we let it cure over the next 28 days.


To keep the project moving efficiently, we send our landscaping, hardscaping, tiling, and coping team to begin the next phase of the custom pool build project.

Hardscaping, Landscaping, Tile & Coping

Moving things along quickly while continuing to provide unmatched installation is our goal – the way we achieve that is by having our landscaping crews work in tandem to our pool contractors.


The final phase of pool construction is to apply plaster to the cured gunite. Plaster is the final finish to the inside of the pool, and is applied directly to the gunite to keep the water inside of the pool basin.

Pool School

Once your custom pool build is complete and the pool is ready for enjoyment and use, our team educates you on pool maintenance best practices. If you’re looking to invest in a pool maintenance team, we are happy to provide recommendations for that as well.

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Schedule a consultation
We look forward to helping you with your custom pool build. Fill out the form to get in touch with the Cutters Pools team.

Contact Cutters Pools

Schedule a consultation
We look forward to helping you with your custom pool build. Fill out the form to get in touch with the Cutters Pools team.
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